High Volume Glue and Resin Pumps

Glue Pump Features

  • 3 Horsepower versions: HP10, HP20, HP25

  • Pumps Mixed Glue or Resins

  • Impeller reduces pumping times by ~5X compared to traditional gear or diaphragm pumps!

  • Fast enough to generate a vortex in the storage tank, eliminating the need for a paddle mixer

  • No Oil, No Packing, No leaks!

  • Automated water lubrication

  • Rain, snow, or tropical heat won’t stop the sealed and rugged Pump

  • Easy maintenance: service in place or take the modular housing to the shop, leaving pipes connected

How a Holte Glue Pump Works

Designed for emptying or storage tanks or RTU tanks processed in batches.

The pumping rate will vary with the viscosity and head pressure of the glue being pumped (see specifications). Glue is fed into the ‘snail,’ an impeller provides for high flow rate, with outflow at the top of the snail.

The Pump has an access cover for maintenance in place or the impeller housing may be removed, leaving the motor in place, and the snail connected to piping. Maintenance is rare, but after long use seals need replacement, after very long use the impeller may need replacement.

Users with oil lubricated pumps kept forgetting to change the oil. The Holte Glue Pump is water lubricated. Connect it to your standard plant or city water line and it stays automatically lubricated (small amount of water enters glue).

The pump is sealed so it does not leak under normal operation and it can operate in wet, cold, or hot environments. It does not contain a packing and will keep running even if flooded.

High Volume Glue Pump Testimonial