Extreme High Shear Mixing Blade

Control Wheat Lumps

HOLTE’s Extreme High Shear Mixing Blade is the peak of evolution in mixing blades. Designed to Minimize or Eliminate lumps formed when adding wheat, High Shear significantly improves process efficiency.

  • Designed for wheat-based or Gluten added Phenolic Glues.

  • High Energy Shear forces generally eliminates lumps (<100 Mesh).

  • Complete use of added wheat. Forget about wheat waste!

  • Significantly more consistent Glue Mixes.

  • Permits use of recycled water with little water process control.

  • Less tank cleaning whether it is skimming, shoveling, or both.

  • Minimize screen/filter clogging issues.

  • ~6X the Energy of a traditional Mixing Blade.

How Shear Mixing Works

The Extreme High Shear Mixer provides enough energy to destabilize wheat lumps and keep wheat from forming large particles. This gives the resin the time it needs to penetrate the wheat and form a consistent network.

Mixing Glue or Resin is more than just selection of resin and mix formulation. The most overlooked but equally important aspect of mixing is Process Control.

Lumps form due to a complex interaction of process steps: How the wheat is added, cleanliness of water, pH, process temperatures, mixing efficiency, and resin composition. RTU formulations are generalized vs. being optimized for a specific plant’s process. Lumps often will have a Resin shell with a dry wheat core; indicating that the wheat-resin chemical network formation is being out-paced by the hydrophobic tendency of the wheat.

With High Shear Forces the impact of the other process steps (temperature, wheat variation, wheat addition speed, water pH & cleanliness) all become minimal as high efficiency mixing dominates your process control.