About Holte Manufacturing

From mixers to complete glue systems and all sizes in between

Holte manufactures a wide variety of glue mixer systems and related equipment for glue plants in the United States and Internationally. Holte can design and manufacture anything from single glue mixers to total automated glue making systems for any given situation or project needs, especially efficient glue mixing machines and systems for the plywood mill industry. Advancements include automated systems for mixing on demand. We also manage custom installations and can provide consulting for a any project you may have.

Holte Manufacturing also has years of experience in making state-of-the-art equipment that will produce the desired glue quality for your specific needs. Holte’s various innovations range from our efficient glue mixing systems, to patents in the tooling and drilling and hole boring techniques, reverse circulation grout through hammer drilling and casing installation techniques.

Throughout the years, performing on the job site analysis and extensive product testing and development, has kept our products cutting edge and efficient, exceeding the demands of our customers. Holte is also an innovator in the glue making and well drilling industry, manufacturing and producing. Check out this link for more on Holte Drilling Equipment.

If you have any questions on your next project, please call us at at 541-935-5054 or contact us online by clicking here.